We worked with Seed Animation to produce this TV commercial for Babybel's Comic Relief collaboration – an online LOL (literally) experience; An opportunity to upload a photo and turn yourself into a laughing Babybel. The spot brings together some simple 2d, live action and photo-real CG product to show some cheeses having some fun as people.

The production involved shooting cast laughing, then stabilising and grading that footage and mapping into the CG environment. A simple hand shoot with a tablet (subsequently replaced in CG) completed the live action and then the hand footage was ‘animated’ to fit the timing of the final VO.

Through a simple production the purpose is to get people onto the microsite babybelyourself.co.uk making their faces funny and sharing them online, at which point Babybel donates to Comic Relief.

The Mono Grande were called in to shoot all of the live action footage, later composited into Seed's brilliant animation.


Watch it here!